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GHC 19 will be Oct. 1–4 in Orlando, FL.

Formerly known as the GHC Communities Committee, the Anita|Bees is a committee of volunteers that work with The mission of Anita|Bees is to support by enhancing women’s experiences at AnitaB.Org events, engaging women as mentors, and expanding the reach of AnitaB.Org initiatives.

We fulfill our mission at the Grace Hopper Celebration by

  1. Engaging and organizing volunteer mentors for the Anita|Bees Speed Mentoring session
  2. Organizing and Managing note takers and bloggers for many of the sessions and workshops.
  3. Informing Grace Hopper Celebration attendees about Systers events through our social media platforms and our website.

Whether you want to work on enhancing our website or engage with volunteers, we have a need for your talents!


You can view our past committee members here:

You can view GHC17 Bloggers/Note Takers work here:

PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST BE REGISTERED TO ATTEND GHC19 to be an Anita|Bee! Systers Anita's Quilt, Threads of Inspiration

Anita's Quilt is a compilation of stories shared by the Systers Community. One story launches and acts as the starting point for a conversation for people to share their experiences with similar interests that follow the campaign theme. After the campaign launches and participation grows through story submissions, the "Quilt" grows to be "Threads of Inspiration" for the technical women it serves.

This is a volunteer project with many possibilities. We are open to new ideas and participants!

Make a big impact! Be an Anita’s Quilt Evangelist

Thank you for expressing interest in the Systers Anita's Quilt Committee. We are gearing up for a launch in early April, for Q2 of the year. This will be a volunteer commitment of one calendar year, and at the end of 2018 you will have the opportunity to continue to serve on this committee or vacate your position for another interested party. Once again thank you for your interest in joining our team!

As a member of this team, you will engage volunteers to share the Quilt stories and enthusiasm to their own communities. You are a people person; at the end of the day, you'd enjoy sending out a message or social media post to connect with quilt social media volunteers. You are a self-starter, able to work in the framework of a team and mission, but generally self-driven. Comfortable taking on a very loosely defined role and making it your own.

Welcome to the Systers Anita's Quilt Committee!

We are pleased to meet you and cannot wait to work with you on this Systers Program! 

Please fill out the following form with your contact information and upload your introduction story. 

Look forward to working with you!

Systers have members located around the global in more than 60 countries so chances are, there are Systers in your city and would much appreciate a host; Systers meetup to network, professional development, code together and much more.  We're looking for meeting space, classroom style setup for coding workshops and other accommodations. Community is our strength and look forward to extending our community with your organization and company.

Please complete the form if you are able to host a Systers meetup in your city. A Syster will contact you with more information about their local area and how you can engage with us.

  Thank you for your support!